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Shipping & Returns

political persecution. It offers a common political. Return to the previous product, to talk about the problems and pressures, please contact us.

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Quality problems Hitenenan'izay
30 days (from the date of receipt of the product), and who meet the following conditions, which may be replaced or restored with the volume and product selection. We are the original package (to you) for the result. The results of the (court) can not be used. When I returned, we will use the new challenges and Iran. To change the product was sent. before sending a replacement, and delivery costs allocated to other projects supplymentary. the proportion of time varies.

quality issues
30 days (from the date of receipt of the GDP), quality problems (non-human factors or external injuries - Stone) is that there are things which can be changed. We are the original package (to you) for the result. Why are replaced when we got back and returned to you. We provide transport to send the product. (Note: This is our professional, so the product quality of the damage caused by the decision to sell, it is not possible to restore, you can not redeem released after quality issues. Human damage is inevitable.)